The Okavango Experience

Balancing the semi-arid stretches and deserts of Namibia are the refreshing water worlds of north-eastern Namibia.

Rising in the BiƩ Plateau in central Angola, the Okavango River has its own agenda. Lured by African magic, it has no intention of rushing to the sea but meanders into the southern interior. Flowing in a south-easterly direction, it enters Namibia in the Kavango region, forming the border between the countries, before widening into the fanlike channels of the Okavango Delta where it ebbs into desert sands.

This vein of life blesses us with a serene ribbon of green along its journey. Fish eagles fly from the trees affirming their African spirit and sluggish crocodiles laze on sandy banks. Rural Africa and the river world merge and play melodic harmonies here. The sounds of cows mooing, children laughing and dug-out canoes gliding through the river fuse with the chiming of reed frogs, bird calls and the gentle lapping of water.

Perfectly positioned on the southern bank of the Okavango River, Hakusembe River Lodge radiates peace. A lush river oasis, it lies 16km from the bustle of Rundu. The thatched chalets provide ideal retreats and the verdant garden, a paradise to relish. An enchanted destination in the Kavango, Hakusembe is a convenient place to pause and rest en-route to the Zambezi and the rushing waters of the Victoria Falls.


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