The Namib Experience

This ancient desert tried to call attention to itself for 50-80 million years. It grew to 2000 kilometres long and nearly 200 kilometres wide, assembled lofty sand dunes and sculpted a range of artistically designed dunes in various shapes.

It harboured flora and fauna in its sands and called the soft mist from the ocean to sustain them. It even welcomed the diamonds that had washed down the Orange River and into the Atlantic into its generous arms. And, no-one gave it a second thought. Finally, we are willing to receive the magnificence of the Namib Desert.

Diamonds were discovered in the early 1900s, the Namib Sand Sea was proclaimed a World Heritage site in 2013 and thousands of visitors annually pay homage to the magnificence of Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei. The Namib Desert achieved one more astounding feat, it transformed piles of sand into fossilised dunes. This is where Namib Desert Lodge lies, sheltered by a striking red sand formation. Experience the luminosity of the landscape on an afternoon drive when the sun anoints the land and join a trip to Namib Dune Star Camp to overnight in desert wilderness far from the world. Yes, ancient Namib. We are ready.


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