The Kalahari Experience

Colours run riot in the Kalahari Desert where yellow grass and dark green acacias are accentuated against burnt-orange sand and the blue of an infinite sky. And when the sun prepares its farewell for the day, it draws on all the hues of the celestial prism.

This is the time between day and dream when magic hovers and the fiery colours of sand dunes brighten and deepen. Life pauses catching its breath. And so does everyone else, standing atop a dune, watching this earthly show in vibrant colour.

The magnificent landscape is home to hardy desert-adapted gemsbok, springbok, ostrich, black-backed jackal, the massive kori bustard and the rambling nests of social weavers that have skilfully mastered thermodynamic principles and life in the desert.

It is also home to the Kalahari Anib Lodge and Kalahari Farmhouse - and luckily, their guests. Experience the beauty of the Kalahari on a sunset drive at Kalahari Anib and appreciate abundance of a different sort at the Farmhouse where artesian water blesses the desert, creating a lush secret garden and nurturing the salad greens on Gondwana's own farm. The Kalahari; it dances to a different beat. Feel the magic.


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