The Fish River Canyon Experience

The Fish River begins its journey in the Naukluft Mountains, seeking its lover, the Gariep or Orange River in the south. It flows steadily at first, dropping over two waterfalls before reaching the Löwen River and plunging into the canyon on its serpentine route to the end of the gorge at Ai-Ais.

Sometimes, the Fish River is calm and quiet, and at other times it hurtles through the canyon walls in a rush of water. In this way it makes its rendezvous with the Gariep and carves out the canyon's chasms, as it has done for over a hundred million years.

Not far from where the blue-green river of the Fish River meanders through the canyon gorges are Canyon Lodge, nestled gracefully amongst the granite boulders, and Canyon Village, set against a sweeping backdrop of rock. Slightly nearer to the main viewpoints is the Canyon Roadhouse, a 'must-do' stop to fill up on smiles and pay tribute to the good old days of the automobile.

Feel the magnitude of Earth-time in relation to the fleeting brush of human life on the canyon rim. And take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike through its pristine depths on the canyon mule trail, overnighting in specially chosen camps. Away from civilization, the canyon grandeur is yours alone. This unique privilege is offered by the Gondwana Collection, nature and time.


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